Bjarke Pedersen divides his time between developing his company, making larps and taking photographs.

He often works together with artist Brody Condon making participatory performances.
He believes larp is a powerful medium, just as strong as music or film.
He specializes in portraiture and is a strobist at heart.
His photographer idols are amongst others Michael GreccoTerry Richardson and Daikichi Amano.
His pictures has been published in various books, magazines and used on-line.

He has written various stuff about larp:
The White Road in Playground Worlds 2008
Delirium and The White Road in Nordic Larp 2010

You can find press on some of his work here:

SF Weekly, Sep 2010
East of Borneo, Dec 2010

Twentyfivefold Manifestation
Rhizome, July, 2008.
Argumented Stage, May, 2008
Art in Amrica May 2010

bjarke [at]