LevelFive was done in collaboration with artist Brody Condon. We also worked together on The Twentifivefold Manifestation. He came up with the idea and I worked on interaction- and game mechanics.

LevelFive is a participatory performance focused on critically exploring self actualization seminars from the 1970′s. The LevelFive performance will loosely follow the structure of early Large Group Awareness Training sessions like Erhard Seminars Training. LevelFive is not a actual self-actualization seminar, nor is it affiliated with any actual Large Group Awareness Training company or group. It is a experimental live role-playing event based on self-actualization seminars which originated in the Bay Area in the early 1970’s.


16 min video from LevelFive from Brody Condon on Vimeo.


This open ended event is not a traditional live action role playing game, it is a free-form participatory performance set in the present day, with up to 50 players, organized by the artist Brody Condon. The event has been commissioned by the San Jose Zero1 Biennial and Machine Project in conjunction with the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, with assistance by Southern Exposure in San Fransisco.
Players will arrive as their characters, and are expected to emote, and experience as their characters, with minimal interruptions for the 2 day duration of the game. LevelFive is a live game based on the Nordic style of progressive live role-play that explicitly works with “bleed”. In role-playing games, bleed happens when the thoughts and feelings of the character starts affecting its player, or vice-versa. Rather than forgetting the existence of an original self, the character becomes a tool for projection, self-exploration and experimentation.


Photos from LevelFive at The Hammer Museum taken by Bjarke Pedersen:


Concept/Direction: Brody Condon
American artist currently based in New York.
Brody has participated in exhibitions at museums, event spaces, and galleries internationally for over 10 years. His work is focused on the re-purposing of existing games or game structures to create sculpture, performance, and video installation. More information about his work can be found at www.tmpspace.com.
Game Mechanics: Bjarke Pedersen and Tobias Wrigstad
Game Design Assistance: Monica Hjort Traxl
Production Management: Liz Glynn and Kasper Sjøgren from Odyssé
Seminar Leaders: Russell Edge and Carolyn Almos
Web Design: Jesse Arnold
Documentation: Dan Marticino
Event supported by: Zero1 Biennial and Machine Project as part of the Hammer Museum residency program
Wardrobe Stylist: Lauren Tafuri
Special Thanks and Support: Southern Exposure (SOEX) San Francisco
Outreach Coordinator SF: Valerie Imus